an exclusive bridal experience

That's right. You get the entire place to yourself.

Bryde provided the ultimate dress shopping experience! As soon as we walked in the door, it was obvious they were dedicated to helping me on this journey. The front table held a binder with my name on it, they put on my playlist, and poured us all a glass of champagne. The girls were friendly, supportive, and fun. Having the entire shop to ourselves made the experience more personal, and if I could do it all again, I'd definitely go back!
Katie G
"My time at BRYDE was unlike any experience I have ever had. I felt so welcomed. The amount of dedication they had from when I stepped in to their facility to the moment I left was truly amazing. They were so helpful, and took every word from my mouth to work. If I mentioned one minor detail about a dress that I loved, the next dress I tried on had that small detail on it. They made sure to inform me on all the ways the dress could be altered to my liking or vise versa. I will always recommend BRYDE to any and all newly engaged ladies. Not only were the employees phenomenal, the place was absolutely stunning, it gave off the best vibes- the kind of vibes you would want the day you’re dress shopping. If you are thinking about booking an appointment to this wonderful place, DO IT! There will be no regrets!"
Remington W.
"I found my dress at bryde! My mom, sister and I had such an incredible time with the girls at bryde. We felt so important and valued. Tears were shed, champagne was poured and it will always be one of my favorite memories. Thanks, bryde, for making dress shopping so EASY and WONDERFUL!"
Annie A
"Hands down the BEST experience & bridal store. This was my 6th bridal appointment, I had been to multiple places not only in Tulsa, but OKC and Dallas as well and none of them compared to the experience that I had at Bryde. Between having the entire place to yourself, the questionnaire they send you before the appointment to pick out small details such as the style music you want, being greeted with champagne - they make you feel so special from start to finish. The competition doesn't even come close. I feel so lucky that I was able to find the dress for my most special day at Bryde, I will recommend this place a thousand times to anyone looking for their wedding dress. You all are the best, keep doing what you're doing!"
Piper A.
"I’m going to brag on this store for a minute. This was by far the best experience I could have had. The whole idea of it all is GENIUS. It told my fiancé the time I spent with the girls at Bryde was the first time someone has made me feel special as a bride since he and I got engaged a few months ago! All of the focus was on me, making me feel comfortable, seen, HEARD, understood, and honestly loved! Every store I had gone to previous to Bryde was an ok experience, but I actually wanted to be at this place. I was happy to be there the entire time. I never felt overwhelmed by the amount of dresses they had or the idea of picking out a dress for myself. They asked for my consent with every step of the process, from helping me get into/pin dresses, to even opening the curtains before I walked out. They made sure that everything that happened was something I wanted, not what my bridal party wanted or even what they wanted. It was just the best experience ever and I can’t wait to go back and pick up my beautiful dress!"
Jackilyn P.
Look no further, THIS is your place! Besides the gorgeous array of dresses they carry, the Bryde team is truly what makes this place amazing. They're kind, attentive, and make your experience the type that you've dreamed of your entire life. If you're concerned with any body issues or changing in a room with someone you don't know, don't be! I felt so comfortable and the feeling that I was being judged never once crossed my mind. I would and will recommend this place to anyone and everyone. I'd give it more stars if I could.
Kalyn R.