Vintage, one of a kind gowns curated by The Boneyard (@SHOPTHEBONEYARD)

Styled with modern day touches from Bryde (@SHOPBRYDE)

Bridesmaids and party gowns available at Anthousai (@ANTHOUSAI)

Alterations advice from tailor and gown expert, Tallgrass Tailor (@TALLGRASSTAILOR)

1PM - 4PM

We don't want to give it all away, but we also don't want you to come in with expectations that we might not be able to meet.

Since we have a very small selection available for this event, we wanted to give a brief run down on what you can expect as far as sizing goes.

size 0/2

5 gowns

size 4/6

10 gowns

size 8/10

1 gown

size 12/14

2 gowns