($1,900 - $4,600)

About the designer:


Vagabond bridal was founded in Cape Town by Valery Zelenyuk, and aims to embody the contemporary, strong and free-spirited woman that is becoming the pioneering female archetype in modern society.  

The Vagabond bride wants to look beautiful but not at the expense of comfort and wearability, she doesn’t need to be afraid to look and feel strong, yet feminine in her wedding gown. Brides can expect strong, feminine and statement pieces, with an outstanding fit! Each gown has an underlying timelessness in its silhouette, structure and fabric and we of course we pride ourselves on our quality – each piece is made individually by hand. Our collections will suit all contemporary tastes, including some classics with clean lines, bohemian gowns with textured lace and romantic shapes, as well as some daring rock n roll numbers.



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