($2,200 - $2,700)

About the designer:

LAUDAE is the answer for brides looking for forward-thinking gowns that are just that: forward-thinking in style & forward-thinking for our enviroment.

We don’t know everything, but we know one thing for sure: how to create rad dresses that celebrate the girl in them. It’s our mission to create gowns with sleek silhouettes that you can feel not just good, but amazing in. We think of the little things: from stretchy linings for a surprisingly comfy fit, to secret support through boning, to rigorous fit testing on models ranging between a size 2 and a size 18.

Here at LAUDAE, we’re all about our footprint on the planet. Run by a small team in Vancouver, Canada, we keep design, production, admin, marketing, shipping, and quality control all under one roof. We do our best to source & manufacture responsibly, and keep all aspects of production inline with our environmental and social ethics.


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